Check_wmi arguments

I’m looking at an example template for WMI check commands and I would appreciate an explanation of what the different arguments refer to and how you would use them. I understand warning and critical arguments, but the rest are unclear. I was unable to find any documentation explaining this.

Also, is it possible to set the check_drive_size command to send warning and critical alerts for each percentage increased over a threshold? For example, if my warning threshold is anything greater than 90%, can I configure it to send alerts at 91%, 92%, and so on? Rather than receiving only one alert when the threshold is first met.

object CheckCommand "check_wmi" {
  import "plugin-check-command"
  command = [ PluginDir + "/" ]

  arguments = {
    "--inidir" = "$wmi_inidir$"
    "-H" = "$$"
    "-A" = "$wmi_authfile_path$"
    "-m" = "$check_mode$"
    "-s" = "$wmi_submode$"
    "-a" = "$wmi_arg1$"
    "-o" = "$wmi_arg2$"
    "-3" = "$wmi_arg3$"
    "-4" = "$wmi_arg4$"
    "-y" = "$wmi_delay$"
    "-w" = "$wmi_warn$"
    "-c" = "$wmi_crit$"
    "--nodatamode" = {
      set_if = "$wmi_nodatamode$"