Check_vmware_esx show critical alert "return code of 255 is out of bounds" for esx host v6

Hi all,
I have multiple physical and virtual servers and network equipements that i monitor using icinga 1.13.3 solution. Since a few days ago , criticals alert below are trigered from an esxi v6.0.0 hypervisor. i am using check_vmware_esx plugin to monitor my vSphere solution composed of three esxi’s servers. when i check this esx server in vshpere client everything is fine !!!

I haven’t used those scripts for some time no, because the often are a pain to install and configure with the SDK dependency.

Did you update the SDK on the VM to anything else than 5.x?
According to this discussion on github, SDK v6 will not work and produce or check output:

As this topic/problem mostly relates to the check script, I have moved the topic to a different category.

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Thank you so much for contributing , i have already fixed the issue, acctually the real error message that i got when i excuted script for shell command is :

Can’t kill a non-​numeric process ID

When i checked the session files in directory : /var/spool/vmware some empty/corrupted/locked session file was there, with “_locked” i deleted all session file relating to my host and restarted icinga service the problem is fixed