Check vhost url and certificate with check_http

Currently I’m checking vhost URL’s running on a server with check_http. Now I also want to check the number of days an SSL certificate is still valid. This can be done with the check_http module as well using the http_certificate and http_sni.

However when this is configured it will stop checking the vhost URL as described in the manual. To overcome this the parameter --continue-after-certificate can be provided which returns both the URL and the SSL validation. How can I specify this in the Icinga2 config?

For now I have added the vhost URL twice, one to check the URL and one to check the SSL certificate.

Looks like this is a new option, which came with monitoring-plugins >= 2.3 (check_http: added option --continue-after-certificate (#1761) · monitoring-plugins/monitoring-plugins@455fdc1 · GitHub). It hasn’t been implemented in the Icinga ITL yet (icinga2/command-plugins.conf at master · Icinga/icinga2 · GitHub). So you could create an issue in the icinga2 repo (and create an PR) to add the new option and if you don’t want to wait, create your own check command for http with the new option ( editing the ITL doesn’t make sense, as it will be overwritten on icinga2 package update).