Check_update.exe on Server Core

Hi everyone,

I just installed the icinga2 agent 2.10.4 msi on a Server 2019 Core. I want to monitor my Windows Updates with check_update.exe.
I changed my Icinga2 Service to local System, as I did with my Servers with desktop experience, but the check runs into a timeout.

If I run the check_update.exe on server core, it returns “Failed to format error message, last error was: 2147954402”.

With debug:
PS C:\Program Files\ICINGA2\sbin> .\check_update.exe --debug
Initializing COM library
Creating UpdateSession and UpdateSearcher
Querying updates from server
Failed to format error message, last error was: 2147954402

Any ideas?


“core” is the edition without a desktop interface, right? I’m not sure if that works reliably, we don’t test such.

If the plugin doesn’t work, can you try such with a Powershell script instead? From a quick Google:


HI I had the same error after setting up the proxy on cmd --> netsh --> winhttp set proxy=IP:Port
and a rescan of windows Updates it works fine :slight_smile: we are using a proxy to access the Internet. Port 80, 443 is blockt. We have seen this on Windows 1803 17134.765

BR Kiwi