Check_snmp v1 problem

i just tried to query an old temperatursensor with snmp. So started with a simple query for the system uptime and it didn’t work. so i switched to the maschine who do the actual query and get the following:

snmpget -v1 -c public iso.

gives a result:
iso. = Timeticks: (349189590) 40 days, 9:58:15.90

if i do a

./check_snmp -H -o iso. -P 1 -C public -v

the program generates this query

/usr/bin/snmpget -Le -t 10 -r 5 -m ALL -v 1 [context] [authpriv] iso.

which doesn’t work because of the [context] [authpriv]. If i remove these two entries and add the community string, the query works, but give me in addition all of the mibstuff instead of a simple answer.

Does anyone knows how to get the check_snmp plugin to do what i want?

Try to use -c public.

Thanks, but -c is for crit_range.

I found a solution in the buglist.
The snmp-mibs-downloader package have to be installed else the check_snmp will not generate a correct snmpget query.

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