Check_snmp iemStatusProbeTempUnits

i use apc managment card with external temperature sensor.

it oid to check it - iemStatusProbeCurrentTemp.2 or .
mib file PowerNet-MIB

if i check it use snmpwalk, i take correct result

tor@02:~$ snmpwalk -v 2c -c public
Bad operator (INTEGER): At line 73 in /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ietf/SNMPv2-PDU
PowerNet-MIB::iemStatusProbeCurrentTemp.2 = INTEGER: 26

and if i use check_snmp, i take error

tor@02:~$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_snmp -P 2c -H -C public -o
SNMP OK - No Such Instance currently exists at this OID | 

Where i wrong?

I knew where I was wrong
the oid for snmpget was incomplete
and if snmpwalk looked at the value tree and gave the correct result, then snmpget required an exact match, which I didn’t have