Check_procs on Docker hosts

Hi all,

I have a few hosts that run the Docker engine and a number of containers on each. The check_procs check is constantly in critical/warning because of the number of docker processes.

How can I manage this better beyond adding a specific check_procs for my docker hosts to create higher warning/crit values?


You can, e.g., assign the related values to the specific host-config or a template which is imported by the host - to override the default-settings.

template Host "your-docker-host" {
  vars.procs_warning = 800
  vars.procs_critical = 900


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Thanks for that. I am aware I can do this, but I was looking for alternative solutions to this as an avenue.

Each of your Dockers is a separate “thing” - a container and quite close to a VM. Using a host wide check for processes is obviously inappropriate here. That service check is designed for a single unit.

Before we even attempt to line up a possible solution: Could you explain why you monitor the number of processes on this system and what sort of symptoms you are looking for and what you want to do with that information.