Check_oracle_health timeout alarm

I migrated a oracle databas to another server room and link with another icinga2.
now the check_oracle_health got :
CRITICAL - cannot connect to MSZ. timeout alarm

it work well with cmd:
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/thirdparty/consolabs/libexec/check_oracle_health -connect MSZ -mode connection-time -password password -user nagios
OK - 0.05 seconds to connect as NAGIOS | connection_time=0.0509;1;5

how could i find the details?

You can see how the check is actually run via the console, API or easiest the Inspect action if the Director is installed.

But I would expect it to be run in the same way like you showed as CLI example. The difference could be the user as you did not show if you run as root or as icinga/nagios, SELinux context if enforced and environment variables pointing to oracle and tnsnames.

I mostly expect tnsnames to be the problem as I have seen this file not updated quite often in the past.

I used check_oracle_health with a custom conf file, now i found a conf in
and i modified the env, the check recovery.


this file will get overwritten by updates. So instead of overwriting the itl commands, define an own command and import/do your changes there (example to add env variables):

object CheckCommand "my_oracle_health" {
    import "oracle_health"

    env += {
        "ENV_KEY" = "ENV_VALUE"



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