Check memory-windows show_used

I would like to ask you if someone successfully uses the memory-windows plugin with the “memory_win_show_used” variable.
It doesn’t work for me:
My service rule in global-templates looks like that:

apply Service "RAM" {
  import "generic-service"
  check_command = "memory-windows"
  command_endpoint =
  vars.memory_win_warn = "10%"
  vars.memory_win_crit = "5%"
  vars.memory_win_show_used = true
  assign where host.vars.os == "Windows"

Thank you!

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the value didn’t drop below 10% yet as warning threshold. An oversight?


That’s correct. At the moment, the free space is monitored.
But I thought if it’s possible to monitor the used mem instead of the free mem.
The system total ram is 8GB and 7GB are used.
The value should show something like 7.00 GiB (=used mem)
At the moment, it shows the free mem (~1.00GiB)

So that used mem is used for threshold computation.

Ah, show_used. Now I get it, sorry. I don’t know how the plugin is implemented, I needed to look into the code. From what I can see there, the option should also change the output from free to used.

For some reason, memory_win_show_used is not applied - can you please extract the executed command line from the plugin call?

In terms of future developments in this regard, I strongly recommend to test the new Icinga for Windows framework developed by @cstein -


Hi Michael,
just to make sure:
You want me to create a .sh executable file with that content:

ICINGA2_API_PASSWORD=icinga icinga2 console --connect ‘https://root@localhost:5665/
–eval ‘get_service(“example.localdomain”, “http”).last_check_result.command’ | python -m json.tool


and post the output?

If yes, my file should look like that:

ICINGA2_API_PASSWORD=myapipassword icinga2 console --connect ‘https://root@ip_of_icinga_master:5665/’
–eval ‘get_service(“name_of_endpoint”, “disk-windows”).last_check_result.command’ | python -m json.tool

Is that correct?

But what about that:
“/usr/local/sbin/check_http”, ?
“”, ?

Thank you!

PS: I found out that the same problem exists with the disk-windows plugin. There is exactly the same variable, but doesn’t work either.