Check Memory ( Wrong Values

Hello everybody,

I have just been made aware that the implemented in Icinga2 script wrong values.

The script is implemented in the following file: /usr/share/icinga2/include/plugins-contrib.d/operating-system.conf

As an alternative, I once included the check_linux_memory script from and the values ​​match.

Does anyone happen to have the direct link to download the script.

We use the script by Dan Larson (, Justin Ellison (

Thank you for your help

Should be that one:

All plugin and CheckCommand definition patches and PRs require docs, including a URL to the original plugin. Yours is documented here.


Hello everybody,

we have found something for the erroneous results.

By calling freem, I got the following result:

free -m
totally used free shared buff / cache available
Mem: 64266 1381 59489 1 3394 62260
Swap: 4095 0 4095

For database systems like Oracle, the same call is set to 0 for the same call

If you comment out the lines 178 - 181 in the script (Buffers | Cached | SReclaimable) the results will be correct again

Or is there another solution …

How about an example with both “free -m” and plugin output and explain what you consider wrong, just so we are all on the same page.