Check_load threshold change


I need to change the thresholds below and I cannot find the path where this configuration can be changed. Has anyone any idea where is the path of this external command?

Hi @gfragi

You will have to add the data fields to the command first. Go to
‘Icinga Director’ → ‘Commands’ → ‘External Commands’.

Search for the ‘load’ command object and head over to the tab ‘fields’ to add the missing fields.

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@ritzgu Thank you very much for your assistance. I managed to fix it in the configuration file (/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf). The host I was interested in was the same as the icinga is running on, so by default it doesn’t use the director for this server (at least in my case). For other server I have used the fields tab and I have made an apply service for that.

Well done!

PS: You can monitor the icinga (master) host just like any other host with the director.