Check_load.exe: Failed to format error message, last error was: 2147485648

Scaling out to a new product I inherited. I’ve run into issues with check_load in the past, but I’ve never seen this error before. Most similar thing I saw when googling was for the check_update check, and the answers for that didn’t seem relevant.

  • AWS EC2 instance
  • Windows 2012R2
  • Icinga 2.10.5 (this got assigned to me ahead of the 2.11 upgrade)
  • Running as LocalSystem Account (at least for troubleshooting purposes)

Output with debug on when running manually isn’t very verbose:

PS C:\Program Files\icinga2\sbin> ./check_load --debug
Creating query and adding counter
Failed to format error message, last error was: 2147485648

Anybody seen this one before?

Hello Blake,
I hope you are well. Please try running command “lodctr /r” from the local command line with admin permission on your windows client. The local performance counter are corrupted and need to get rebuild for the check_load command to work correctly.


This server apparently has far more corruption than that and is being rebuilt. Thanks for the response, should prove handy for future searches.

No problem, Glad you found the problem