Check_http to Monitor http://IP_Address/icingaweb2/dashboard


Was trying to do a self monitoring http://IP_Address/icingaweb2/dashboard.

The expectation is I should be able to pass the username and password to login to the Web2 and get some content like Service Problems

I am using director to configure. Not sure if this is even possible using the check_http plugin available

Did you have a look at the plugins --helpoutput?

I’m quite sure that you can’t retrieve a list of service problems that way, the better way would be to use the API, I’d say.

What do you hope to get out of that way of doing it?


The idea is not to monitor specific URL for icingaweb2 but similar URL which has similar login screens and redirects.

We are using icingaweb2 as an example to showcase management the capability of our great icinga product. Once management is convinced we will be allowed to monitor URLs using icinga. This is just the start

With check_http you can monitor webpages for their availability, http return codes and content, that you expect inside the webpage, like a specific string.

I, for example, use it to check the availability of webinterfaces of appliances and webpages and the validity of the certificates

I would say test the plugin and check if it is able to do what you want.
Options to start with would be -H, -u, -a and maybe -e or -s

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like log1c wrote, check_http can do some basic tests for availability, response times, ssl certificate and expected content of simple html pages, but it will fail on pages that rely on javascript.
If the website doesn’t work with basic webserver authentication and needs a form to be filled out (e.g. javascript based), you should check out sakuli:

It’s basically a webtesting tool modified to work as a monitoring plugin.

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I am going to explore this. This is really great - lot of costly tools like AppD and Dynatrace or Tivoli monitors using RoboticResponseTime methodology. Thank You