Check_http of all webserver beyond a load banlancer

Is there a way to check all the server that are part of a web server group beyond a Load balancer.
I need to check the webserver that are placed beyond a load balancer (3 servers)
If I use check_http it redirects correctly at the 1st attempts to one webserver.
Then If I refresh the browser …it moves to 2nd one…
Is there a way to check all the web server url automatically, or in alternative, is it possible to check, for the same HOST different urls, recursively?

My idea would be a check at every webserver locally checking himself.

Yes, in this way I have to add 1 host for every web server I have to check…
It’s a little bit uncomfortable - but is the “right way”…
And regarding the check multiple url for the same server ?

Having 1 host for every webserver would also help to monitor other staff e.g. cpu load, memory, disk etc.

Multiple URLs would be possible as well if you write your own check plugin. Otherwise you have to create multiple checks (which could be done pretty easily with apply for) but you will not able to schedule them correctly. I think would not be helpful if more than one of these checks are running at the same time.

Define your loadbalancer as host and all webserver as http config:

apply Service for (http => config in host.vars.http) {
    import "generic-service"
    check_command = "http"
    vars += config
    vars.sla = host.vars.sla

object Host		"loadbalancer" {
    import			"generic-host"
    address =		""
    notes =		"Loadbalancer foobar

	vars.http["webserver1"] = {
		vars.http_ssl = true
		vars.http_vhost = ""

	vars.http["webserver2"] = {
        vars.http_ssl = true
        vars.http_vhost = ""

THX a lot.
Is possible to achive the same using DIRECTOR ?

I think is possible, but I dont use the director :upside_down_face: