Check excution field for a service

In service template we can set up check excution variables like enable or disable Accept passive checks
But I can see how can do it at service level in the GUI.

Thanks in advance

The Director is design so a monitoring admin can define standards in form of templates and a server admin can then use these to define their own objects. This is why these values are meant to be only set on template level.

What you should do is define some templates which have your normal standards, e.g. “high-frequent checks” or “daily checks”. Then group them as a choice like “Check type” to get a more clean workflow.

By doing so no-one will schedule checks in an interval which is not sensible because of performance, resources or configuration like storage interval in the graphing backend.

Is supose that work for service apply?
I try to use it but don’t seems to work.
I mean, I try to change to a template where a execute active checks is disable but it keep enable.

Yes, this should work.

I tested it by creating a template “No active checks” and selecting it as a second template and it overwrites the “enable_active_checks” like expected.

Seems like if you change the value of active check from monitoring module in icinga web them ignore later changes of template.

Yes, this is a known problem. It is planned to forget the modification if it sets it back to the default in the future: Forget that attribute is modified if it's changed back to its original state · Issue #7986 · Icinga/icinga2 · GitHub


Hi Dirk,
Many thank for your info.
I have a last questions: Do you have any estimation of when this issue will be add to a release?
If I understand correctly this issue will be added in 2.13 release but I don’t know when this release is expected.
Best regards,
Emilio J.

Hey there :slight_smile:
I would like to ask you to mark an answer as the solution, if it resolves your topic.

There is no milestone assigned to it, but the linked pull request is part of the project and has the milestone assigned, so I have high hopes for it to land in 2.13. Nothing indicates a backport so I would not expect it to land in a 2.12.x release.

No public due date for 2.13 yet, so I only have the same information like you. I am only working as Consultant for an Icinga Partner, so I sometimes know things a bit earlier but most times not! :wink: