Check-Command "ping-windows" and "hostalive4" is not executed on Agent (Host)


in director i created a host and i defined a “check command”. I have tried this first time with “hostalive4” but the command is executed on the master. Then i tried this with “ping-windows” as the command but same problem. It is not possible to set a “command_endpoint” for the check command. For normal services like check_disk i can choice “run on agent” in the template and it works as expected. What can i do for running the check command on the host?

Thanks for Help.

add services, services can run on agents, services have check commands too
the check command of the host will only run on the “next in line master or satellite”.
there are sophisticated workarounds but you clearly need services.

the check command for the host is for the icinga-master-node to know that the host is reachable or not.
the services are there tho check the “whatever you want”, services can run on agents OR on the next in line master or satellite.

OK, thanks for the hint. Without the director, I manually created a zone for each agent. Then the check_command was also executed on the host itself. It’s good to know that this isn’t actually intended.