Check command hostalive: execution time

I monitor over 10 thousand device. The native check command hostalive has check execution time approx. 4 s. Then the average check latency is over 70 s. How can I reduce check execution time.

A host definition example

object Host “” {
address = “”
check_command = “hostalive”
vars.host_groups = [“device2”]

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hostalive is essentially using the ping template which invokes the check_ping plugin. This one reads the output of the ping binary which fires requests sequentially.

If you’re looking for speed improvements, check_icmp uses native OS sockets and transmits packages in parallel. The corresponding ITL provided command is icmp.

check_icmp will need the setuid bit set though.


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The answer was very useful . It solved my problem. Many thanks. The average execution latency is now under 1ms.