Check_command disk


Since few days, I have a problem with this check command.
I receive wrong alert from Icinga2 at different hours in the day.
Alert is going to warning, crtical, ok, and it start again.

If I check with ssh on the server, all is fine for the disk.

There’s no error in Icinga2’s log.

I find a an old bug which advise to add that in /usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins.conf
vars.disk_wfree = “15%” vars.disk_cfree = “10%” vars.disk_inode_wfree = “15%” vars.disk_inode_cfree = “10%” vars.disk_megabytes = true vars.disk_exclude_type = [ “none”, “tmpfs”, “sysfs”, “proc”, “configfs”, “devtmpfs”, “devfs”, “mtmfs”, “tracefs”, “cgroup”, “fuse.gvfsd-fuse”, “fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon”, “fdescfs”, “overlay”, “nsfs”,

but nothing change.

Icinga2 is on a Debian GNU/Linux 9.12 (stretch)
icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: r2.11.3-1)

if someone has a lead to check my configuration, I’m interested.


some more informations would be helpful. What does critical exactly mean? A plugin error? Does it report a full disk or partition? Is it always the same disk/partition that’s affected? Is it a local disk or some NFS for example?

This would be useful to help.


Additionally, if you can go to the check in Icingaweb, click “history” at the top and screenshot a chunk of that, we can see the status changes.

Hi Marcel and Blake,

I found the problem, it was the disk’s server which was full.
I move the /var/spool/icinga2/perfdata and /var/spool/icinga2/tmp to another disk and create symbolic link.

But I think I missed something in the definition of disk service.
All my Linux’s servers have the disk of Icinga2’s server.

//Disque Linux
apply Service “disquelinux” {
display_name = “Disque”
import “generic-service”

check_command = “disk”

    vars.disk_wfree = "15%"
    vars.disk_cfree = "10%"
    vars.disk_inode_wfree = "15%"
    vars.disk_inode_cfree = "10%"
    vars.disk_megabytes = true
    vars.disk_exclude_type = [

assign where host.address && host.vars.os == “Linux”

Best regards


I’m concern to this issue(look at the above messages), i have to choose vars.disk_megabytes but i want something in gigabytes or terabytes.

As mentioned, the file /usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins.conf|grep disk is formatted to choose megabytes.

By the way, i specified that i need that method for another purpose (be able to choose partitions i need).

Best regards,
Moustapha Kourouma

Hello @Julien!

In your service apply rule I don’t see a command_endpoint attribute. However a such is required to pin checks to specific endpoints. And especially check_disk has to run on the host you’d like to check.

Are you sure it always actually runs on the desired host?