Check_command box missing when editing service

Hi all,

We’re seeing a problem / bug with Icinga director…

When configuring a service against an individual host in director the Check Command text box only appears when you first create the service, if you go back and try to edit it then the box isn’t displayed.

If you go to the preview tab you can see that the command does exist in the configuration it just isn’t being displayed.

If using an apply rule to assign the service to a set of host then it does appear and can be edited as you would expect.

Some screenshots attached below.

Any ideas / suggestions welcome…



you mixed up 2 things:

  • the service apply rule
  • the service attached on one host

the service apply rule let’s you overwrite the check command.
the service on host has no check command to fill out but inherits the command from the imported service template

what version of director do you use?

But when I add an individual service to a host I do get the opportunity to define a check command, it’s only when I go back to change / edit it that the value is missing.

This is director 1.9.1

See screenshot below.

ahh now i see what you are talking about.
If you choose the host before → services → and add the service the check_command is not there either.
yeah, looks like a bug, but you should not full out the check command at all, it should be inherited from the service template (Imports)


for the bug, @jonayoungox
open an issue on github: Issues · Icinga/icingaweb2-module-director · GitHub, there it will be more visible!

Thanks, I’ve opened github issue #2732.