ChartJS fix legend position

ChartJS legend position

Dear Community,

I’m using Dashing Dasboard 3.0.0 version, and I have problem with position of legend of ChartJS doughnut chart.
I’m not able to fix the position of legend of Host’s doughnut chart to right side, as in case of Service doughnut chart.
It seems this position changes dynamically.
My default position in case of Host chart is top, in case of Service is right side.

I checked ./widget/chartjs/ file, I found a default entry: Chart.defaults.doughnut.legend.position = ‘right’
But it does not have effect to position, maybe this parameter will be overwritten in other settings.

What is the right method to fix the position of legend to right side?

Thank you,


I haven’t found a solution yet, it may have to be set within the options in the HTML or somewhere else. If you find anything in this regard, please open a Pull Request then.