Changing time range for performance graph does not work with IcingaDB

My test Icinga2 environment uses the following Docker images:

  • icingadb:1.1.0
  • icingaweb2:2.11.4
  • icinga2:2.13.6
  • icingadbredis:7.0.4
  • influxdb2:2.6.1
  • grafana:9.1.5

Configuration details:

After setting up the integration with Grafana, I get a performance graph as below:
(1) “http://testhost:8080/icingadb/services#!/icingadb/service?name=randomNumber&

When I try to change the time range for the performance graph (e.g. for 3 hours):

I get the following error:
(2) “http://testhost:8080/icingadb/services#!/monitoring/service/show?host=dummy&service=randomNumber&timerange=3h

Since I am using IcingaDB the Monitoring module is disabled.

But when I modify the working URL (1) by adding the &timerange=3h argument, everything works fine
(3) “http://testhost:8080/icingadb/services#!/icingadb/service?name=randomNumber&

My conclusion is that changing a time range for the performance graph generates the invalid url (2) with ‘monitoring’ word in it. My question is how to fix it to use in production environment?

Best regards.

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Im also interested in an solution, facing the same. Never saw it before, but now i work a bit with Grafana.

The grafana module got an update with native support for Icinga DB today. Upgrade and it should work :slight_smile:

Hello Johannes.
Thank you for the quick reply. I confirm that the Grafana module upgrade you indicated (v2.0.0b) fixed the issue.

Best regards.