Change SNMP output that display on Icingaweb2

Hi All,

I’m a newbie here on the forums, and hoping someone could point me into the right direction. My knowledge of Icinga components are growing slowly, but i haven’t figured out how to change the way things get output.

For example, I’ve got one of our network switches set up with a template I am creating which monitors the device using both SNMP v2(for uptime) and SNMP v3 for other components.

The CPU usage outputs ‘SNMP OK - 32’ which I want to adjust so that it actually states that it is 32%, other examples are memory usage output stating ‘SNMP OK - 244628’ which I want to be able to convert to MB with a formula, and output that.

How would one be able to do that, and also state custom tresholds for warning/crit etc?

Thank you in advance!