Change in HA documentation, have configuration standards changed?

I’ve been slow to upgrade to 2.11 because I’m the nervous type, but its on the horizon. I was actually consulting while helping someone on this forum, and I noticed something that doesn’t line up with my own config that I didn’t see when double checking the 2.10.5 documentation on git:

master2 and satellite2 should not have a host address defined for their sibling nodes per this document. For close to two years now, I’ve been operating in a setup where satellite1 has the host address of satellite2 in zones.conf and vice versa. Is this new practice, or have I been running on bad practice this entire time? I had at this point thought they both needed to connect to each other to coordinate to avoid duplicate checks. I consider I’ve been wrong all this time and need to adjust, just trying to get an idea of if I should do it now or when I upgrade. Fortunately it hasn’t been a problem.


I wouldn’t call it bad practice it is just not necessary. Even though both nodes build up a connection, only one will be actively used and the second connection will be closed.

This is also covered in the documentation:

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