Change ICINGAWEB2 default status value

Hello everyone,
For a project, my customer doesn’t want the default status “OK”, “WARNING”, “CRITICAL”, “UNKNOWN” values on the Icingaweb2 page, I’ve unfortunately not find a way to proceed.
I’m in an old version of Icinga/web 2, so I don’t know if this feature is available.

Thanks in advance.

  • Version used: 2.13.2-1
  • Operating System and version
  • Enabled features : api checker command debuglog ido-mysql influxdb nortification perfdata
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules: v2.7.4 monitoring (v2.7.4)

And what does the customer want instead?

You can change the default colors with an custom theme (like the “always green” theme does changing every status color to green (“ok”)).
I could imagine that some CSS “hacking” could provide you with “BLUB” instead of “OK”, “BLA” instead of “WARNING” and so on. But I can’t help there.

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Not out of the box but you could write a Icingaweb2 module/theme to inject JavaScript to rewrite the HTML :wink:

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You could use the translation module and “translate” warning to something else

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It want just different word.
Okay, thanks, that was my last bet unfortunately