Change icingaweb config master endpoint

Hello, I’m using Icinga2 with HA scheme, and everything works fine.
When I shutdown master2, monitoring and deploying from icingaweb director works.
When I shutdown master1, monitoring works, but deploying from icingaweb director does not work.
It because the deploy endpoint is set to master1 on icingaweb endpoints configuration.
Question: how can I run deploy when master1 not work, how to change icingaweb deploymeynt endpoint from master1 to master2 when master1 not work.


there can be only one config master and this can’t be changed from the webinterface.
The config mater is the only node that has configuration under /etc/icinga2/zones.d/..., all other nodes receive the config from and after connecting to the config master and store it under /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones[-stage]

In case the config master isn’t available you can’t deploy new configurations, as you already discovered.
Though the secondary master will still deliver the “running” config to child node, afaik.

The technical concepts part from the docs about the config sync gives you a more detailed description of the whole process: Technical Concepts - Icinga 2

A in depth tutorial on how to switch the config master to node 2 and back to node 1 of the master zone would be appreciated.

The last time, we just didn’t deploy and invested on getting node 1 (config master) back up as fast as possible.

From tutorial:
Only one config master is allowed. This one identifies itself with configuration files in /etc/icinga2/zones.d. This is not necessarily the zone master seen in the debug logs, that one is important for message routing internally.

How I understood from tutorial, there is no solution how to deploy configuration when main config master is not active. It’s normal behavior when you’re can’t deploy configuration while you not recover main config master :roll_eyes:

Correct, until the config master is active again you can’t deploy new configuration.

I never had to migrate a config master, so I’m not sure what the necessary steps are.
I currently can only think of transferring the /etc/icinga2/zones.d directory and maybe also the Icinga CA.

Thank you, topic will be closed.