Change headers for performance data?

Is it possible to change the headers and/or the format of the performance data?

Performance data
Label	Value	Warning	Critical
load1	0.04	5.00	10.00
load5	0.62	4.00	6.00
load15	0.85	3.00	4.00

I can imagine situations where these headers make no sense, and numbers would look nicer if they were right justified.

What do you mean by header?

The performance data comes from the plugin and can be changed there. Icinga only shows what it gets from the plugin.


Label	Value	Warning	Critical

It was just a thought, really - I was thinking about maybe it would be useful to use the alerts to not only highlight problem, but also to display more extensive reports; to pick an example at random, a check could alert if there were ‘too many processes’, but also display a list of processes with some stats for each. In this case the headers ‘Label’, ‘Value’, … would seem a bit out of place. Perhaps I’m just trying to bend icinga too much.

Performance data is just that. A set of metrics which can be used to draw graphs to give a quick overview instead of looking at a long table of values. The format has to meet certain rules.
The example you gave would be placed in the plugin output which could show different text every time without interfering the metrics.