Change graphite retention time for Icinga2 running on docker

Hello all,

I have a graphite docker container which is successfully connected to my Icinga2 web. Everything is running fine except that I can’t view graphs exceeding 6 hours. Please who know how I can change this. The helps I have seen so far is for graphite not running on docker.


It should be the same logic. You can get in there, either docker exec -it yourcontainer /bin/sh, edit the config and run (or clear it out since it’s only 6 hours anyway), or use docker cp to transfer files back and forth from /opt/graphite/conf inside the container.

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Thanks Blake,
I modified the storage-schemas.conf file to the desired time and deleted the old whisper file since running could not find any .wsp file. It’s fine anyways.,

Thank you

they’re down in /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/icinga2 . I would recommend seeking one out and using just to make sure it’s showing the time series you intended to allocate.

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