Certificate re-naming


I want to migrate my current monitoring infra to a new one. A problem that I am facing is the certificates.
Can I generate master certificates or rename the existing once to correspond to an alias?
This would make it a lot of easier for future hostname changes.

Hello @MikeKall!

Have you tried to setup a fresh master and add the existing config there?



Yes sorry I didn’t formed the question as I wanted to. I want to have the certificates under an alias.
Is there a way to do that?

Do you mean a DNS SAN?

Yes that’s it! Sorry I am not very familiar with the term though I just
read what it is and it seems exactly like what I am looking for

Hm, this would require custom CA possibility which is in turn a well-known missing feature.

Thanks! Is there a plan to add this feature in the future?

If there is one, I’m sure it’s w/o a precise deadline.

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