Centreon Plugins - Palo Alto Interface Monitoring

HI All

I have a Centreon Plugin (network::paloalto::snmp::plugin) that is working great. Fantastic set of tools btw…

My issue is with the return values not being stored in influx, and thus no graphs.


My experience with Centreon has been great with its ability to return values that icinga loves.

Im wondering if someone can spot something in the return that would indicate why its not being logged.

Here is the command…

./centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=network::paloalto::snmp::plugin --mode=interfaces --hostname X.X.X.X --snmp-community=12345 --snmp-version=2 --add-traffic --units-traffic=bps --interface ae1 --force-counters64

The output is

OK: Interface ‘ae1’ Traffic In : 203.30Mb/s (-), Traffic Out : 157.30Mb/s (-) | ‘traffic_in’=203296622.02b/s;;;0; ‘traffic_out’=157296216.15b/s;;;0;

I do see “traffic_in” and “traffic_out” as variables in icinga status page, but the values are 0 for both

Whats interesting, is if i add the --add-errors to the test above, it will also log discard and such, and that DOES log to influx…

Here is that command

./centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=network::paloalto::snmp::plugin --mode=interfaces --hostname X.X.X.X --snmp-community=12345 --snmp-version=2 --add-traffic --units-traffic=bps --interface ae1 --force-counters64 --add-errors

OK: Interface ‘ae1’ Traffic In : 176.93Mb/s (-), Traffic Out : 92.89Mb/s (-), Packets In Discard : 0.00% (0 on 10277870), Packets In Error : 0.00% (0 on 10277870), Packets Out Discard : 0.00% (0 on 5408716), Packets Out Error : 0.00% (0 on 5408716) | ‘traffic_in’=176925384.04b/s;;;0; ‘traffic_out’=92893905.80b/s;;;0; ‘packets_discard_in’=0.00%;;;0;100 ‘packets_error_in’=0.00%;;;0;100 ‘packets_discard_out’=0.00%;;;0;100 ‘packets_error_out’=0.00%;;;0;100

The data in influx however only reflects the Discards, and errors. Not the Traffic in / out…

The centreon plugin has a pretty decent way to modify the return, but im just not that familiar with how icinga expects it to be formatted correctly.

Anybody see anything obvious?


Of course you just need to vent to figure it out :wink:

Heres the solution for anyone interested


The issue turned out to be the “b/s’” at the end of the return for “‘traffic_in’=176925384.04b/s;;;0;”

with the above, it essentially removes the b/s and replaces it with a 1, so the above will be


Works for me :wink:

”B“ instead of 1 would probably be more correct so the value would be displayed as bytes in IcingaWeb. The list of correct UOM suffixes is here.