Centreon plugin change thresholds range

Hello Icinga community,
I am looking for a Centreon plugin expert. I am using the Centreon plugin to monitor a Powerware UPS battery backup. The Centreon command is working without a problem but I need help changing the threshold range to receive the correct monitoring alerts.

I want to monitor when the input voltage on the Powerware battery backup drops to zero. I am using the command below to check this. I receive an critical alert using this command options even though the output value is 124.

/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/centreon/centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=hardware::ups::powerware::snmp::plugin --mode=input-lines --hostname 10.x.y.z --critical-voltage=0
CRITICAL: Input Line '1' voltage: 124.00 V - Input Line '2' voltage: 124.00 V | 'frequence'=60.00Hz;;;; 'current_1'=16.00A;;;0; 'voltage_1'=124.00V;;0:0;; 'current_2'=16.00A;;;0; 'voltage_2'=124.00V;;0:0;

Using the help commands for this plugin, I see there are several options to change the perfdata (–filter-perfdata or --change-perfdata). Would one of these options change my threshold range to recevieve the correct monitoring alerts?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Alex,

0 means >0. Have you tried @0?


Hello @Al2Klimov ,
That solved my problem. Thanks for your help !

Do you have a reference for me to review to learn more about these difference threshold options to use?

centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=hardware::ups::powerware::snmp::plugin --mode=input-lines --hostname 10.x.y.z --critical-voltage=@0
OK: frequence: 60.00 Hz - All input lines are ok | 'frequence'=60.00Hz;;;; 'current_1'=17.00A;;;0; 'voltage_1'=123.00V;;@0:0;; 'current_2'=17.00A;;;0; 'voltage_2'=123.00V;;@0:0;;
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keep in mind that not every check supports icinga/nagios thresholds