CentOS Stream support

How will Icinga work with CentOS Stream in the future?


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Hi @adrian1,

the shift to CentOS Stream is still kind of new and we still have to sort things out on our side. The good thing is that they give us some time. CentOS 8 will continue until the end of 2021 and CentOS 7 will be continued as well.

Until now we used CentOS to build package for RHEL. For RHEL packages we will update our build pipeline to use official Red Hat repositories for developers. This is an internal change and users should not be affected by it.

As for CentOS Stream it’s hard to tell right now. Of course we will continue to build packages for CentOS 7 and also for CentOS 8. During the next couple of months we will have to evaluate how relevant CentOS Stream becomes to the larger community. If it’s accepted and used (as I am sure it will) we’ll do our best to provide packages as well.


We also would like to see a official Icinga2 compatibility with CentOS Stream, as our CentOS 8 systems have to be changed to CentOS Stream:)