Centos 8 Repo outdated

i noticed that our centos 8 clients have an older icinga 2 version installed (2.13.2) than our centos 7 clients (2.13.7).

i looked into your repositories…


and yes…the centos 8 repo is outdated! It would be nice if you could fix the problem.

thank you

CentOS 8 is no longer supported by Icinga, since CentOS dropped its support for CentOS 8 in favour of CentOS Stream

I know that CentOS Linux 8 (downstream, EOL 2021) has changed to CentOS Stream 8 (upstream, EOL 2024). But imho that’s no reason to stop maintaining the repos?

is there an official statement on this? curious.

We have this blogpost that explains a bit more about the decision.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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this is of course not good news, so centos users are faced with a problem. it seems icinga wants to make some more money. :wink: (what it definitely deserves)

next step: skip debian repos??

Maintaining those repositories sadly costs us a lot of money (or rather our developers time). So there is only so much efford we can put in, in good concience… Our devs want to be able to pay their rent too of course :wink:

However, we want to keep the free OS packages that we already offer free to use. No more changes planned!

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