Case sensitive

when i search for an object in Director, i.e. an object in “Service Apply Rules” I see it is case sensitive.

Is it possible to set case insensitive that research?

Thanks a lot

|cinga Web 2 Version|2.11.4|
|Git commit|11453bfa92a70a44efbf7f966f5e7f27e9300a28|
|PHP Version|7.4.3-4ubuntu2.19|
|Git commit date|2023-01-26|
Icinga Director 1.10.2
Ubuntu server 20.04

If I search for an apply rule it is case insensitive:
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 11.57.59
director: 1.11.0

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we have the same problem like Mario.
Case insensitive doesn’t work in director.

director 1.11.0
Icinga Web 2 Version 2.12.1
PHP-Version 8.1.27

Thanks a lot.

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@moreamazingnick could you tick on “Show SQL” and paste the result?


In my case, query is:
SELECT, o.uuid, o.object_name, o.disabled, o.assign_filter,
o.apply_for FROM icinga_service AS o WHERE (object_type = ‘apply’) AND
(service_set_id IS NULL) AND (“o”.“object_name” LIKE ‘%all%’ OR
“o”.“assign_filter” LIKE ‘%all%’) ORDER BY o.object_name ASC LIMIT 25

On my Postgres db director, if I use ILIKE instead LIKE, query is case insensitive but I can’t change the director code.

good catch!
the director behaves differently with postgres and mariadb/mysql.

if you think it is a bug / not a feature please open an issue in github.

best regards

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I have opened an issue

I currently do not have a postgres director instance to test that but if you are brave you can try this on a non prod test environment without any guarantee…