Carbon-relay-ng and Kafka strange format

Dear all,
sorry for asking maybe stupid things, but my knowhow related to Icinga and carbon-relay-ng is nearlly zero :frowning:
We’ve tried to setup the carbon-relay-ng to send data metrics from Icinga to Kafka and that seems to work now, but the format of the data stream arriving on the Kafka Server is poor and looks like that:

Key: Value:��Id�"1.60bbd43ae111c32e6e25dade557ef919�OrgId�Name�<�Interval<�Value�@Y�Unit�unknown�Time�a�5=�Mtype�gauge�Tags�
Key: Value:��Id�"1.7ef266878bd7f299c9bf4a12272fe3e9�OrgId�Name��Interval<�Value�?o�˯�[!�Unit�unknown�Time�a�5=�Mtype�gauge�Tags�
Key: Value:��Id�"1.2bca5085a41bb2760ab3958cea37d17e�OrgId�Name��Interval<�Value�?j��U����Unit�unknown�Time�a�5=�Mtype�gauge�Tags�
% Reached end of topic monitoring-eventmgmt.stage.icingametrics-json [0] at offset 545145

Does someone know how we can get a properly JSON format without those �?
In parallel we are sending the metrics also to Graphite with carbon and that works fine, same config file carbon-relay-ng.conf

Would be great if someone could help me with that.

Havbe a great day and stay safe


I have no experience with kafka and your format. But typical for such things is a diffrent encoding. Maybe you can set on both nodes (icinga, kafka) the correct encoding. We had similar things in diffrent situation. Like copy a text from one editor to the other or from Linux to Windows etc. etc.

thanks for your reply.
That were also my thoughts.
But my colleagues checked yesterday already the encoding option, but this seems not to be an option. But I will verifiy this part again with them.

if there is no option in the used plugins / kafka check also the standard encoding of the OS. Maybe there is a mismatch :wink: