Capacity graphs/reporting


I have Graphite setup and working so I see for instance CPU, Memory and disk stats in Icinga. But is there a smart way of getting reports from that data? For instance if I could get a group of monitored servers into a report that shows the last month/week load of those systems… Anyone that has some input on how that could be solved?

I guess, this is more related to the data store that you utilize.

So in my case, the question would be, how to generate reports form InfluxDB.
I’m quite sure, I could use Grafana to build Dashboards with this information.

In your case it’s whisper, if Graphite still works the same as when I used it.
I guess, it’s possible in Graphite, to do statistics over several services grouped by hostgroups.
Or you query whisper directly for the information.

I’ve managed to get some of the stats from the Graphite web part in Icinga web by using filters on host groups or other variables, but I can’t seem to be able to export them… I tried the PDF export but it seems to fail if there are multiple graphs (like CPU graphs with several cores).

I guess you need to build it your self and it shouldn’t be to hard as Graphite is a powerful tool.
I would start with a nice little python script to get the information and build the report and later send it to be converted to pdf or send out raw via mail.

Have a look at to get your graphs for embedding them into the report template.