Can't find where to define email addresses or select users for notifications in icingaweb2 and Director?

Hi all,

Not sure if this is an icinga-web or icinga-director question.

I’m trying to use director to configure a fresh Icinga instance in my lab to get my head around it (panadol on hand). It’s literally my first day and I’ve got stuck with notifications.

I’ve got it monitoring a handful of hosts and services, but configuring email notifications are doing my head in.

I seem to be missing fields in icinga-director and icinga-web. How do I define an email address for a user created in icinga-web using the icingaweb2 user backend? I see nowhere to do it:

Should I be seeing an email field here?

Similarly, in Notifications, I seem to be missing fields. When compared to screenshots seen in this thread, I am missing the ‘Users’ field completely:

I’m guessing I’m missing some icinga or PHP module but I’m not sure what. Any ideas why I cannot define email addresses in web/director?

For reference, this is my “NT_Host” notifiication template:

I have:

  • Icinga Web 2 version:
  • Used modules and their versions (System - About): director doc incubator monitoring
  • Web browser used: Tried both Firefox 98.0.2 and Chromium 99.0.4844.84
  • Icinga 2 version used: 2.13.2-1
  • PHP version used (php --version)
  • Server operating system and version: Ubuntu 20.04 (Proxmox LXC container, from Proxmox repository)

I’ve successfully tested the ‘mail’ command from the slell so I believe that bit’s working when I manage to get Icinga actually send something.

So, what’d I miss?



You are not missing anything, you just got confused with users in Icinga Web 2 and in Icinga 2 managed by the Director.

To create users navigate to “Icinga Director” > “Users / Contacts”. There you can create a template, some groups and then users who will show up in the Notification form.

In the screenshots it looks like you are not using an LDAP backend, but if you have one available I recommend to automate user and group creation with import and sync of the Director.


Aha! Thanks, that was exactly it.
Too small here for LDAP atm, but if I go larger I’ll keep that in mind.

Thanks again :slight_smile: