Can't contact LDAP server

Hello all,

i’ve a strange Problem with bei LDAP/S authentification.

I want to equip the LDAP in Icinga with LDAPS encryption. Now I get the following message during the configuration validation:

Failed to successfully validate the configuration: LDAP bind (Icinga2 / ***) to ldaps:// failed: Can't contact LDAP server.

However, I can read out the AD via LDAPSearch using the CLI.

ldapsearch -H ldaps:// -x -W -d8 -D "" -b ""

Do you have any idea how I can fix the problem’?

New knowledge:

I import the RootCA successfully. The first Validate Configuration check in Icinga is successful and the second one is not.

What do you mean be first and second validation check?

Did you update the internal CA storage? update-ca-trust or the like?

Strange problem. After I reinstalled the CA on the server and converted the root CA .crt to a .PEM, it suddenly worked.

update-ca-trust unfortunately didn’t help at first either. So far, the problem has only occurred on this Linux server. It seemed to be a bug on the Linux system.

Thanks for your help!