Can't configure Diretor-Modul

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i have installed Icingaweb2 on a single webserver with nginx. After installing the dependencies, I successfully activated the Director module. But i can’t configure the Module and get an Error:

All Modules and packages like nginx and php are up2date.

Can someone help my?

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with the dependencies you mean everything what is listed here in the docs: also the modules like “ipl”, “reactbundle”, “incubator”?


yes, all modules / req are installed:

Icinga 2: 2.12.2
Icinga Web 2: 2.8.2
ipl: 0.5.0
incubator: 0.6.0
reactbundle: 0.8.0
PHP: 7.3


Datebase are created? Persmissions are set?

What happens if you run the kicksart via CLI?

icingacli director migration run --verbose

so these steps:


the error already occurs when I click on Configuration. At this point I don’t have to specify a database.

After clicking “Configuration”:

Also when i create the config.ini under /etc/icingaweb2/modules/director/config.ini with the Diretor Ressource the error accours.


I guess it’s a permission error (file permission and/or SELinux if turned on)

Permission to witch Folder?

the config files:
the group “icingaweb” is allowed access/write kickstart.ini and config.ini.

If you turned on SELinux you could check the logs there, if the kernel blocks the access for nginx to read the files

SELinux is diabled. Under /etc/icingaweb2/modules and /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/director, the persmissions are identical to the other test server. The only difference to the test server is that the web server is separate here.

hmm ok, for the moment I’m out of ideas. I hope others have some to help you.

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Hi Stevie,

after a fresh installation of nginx with the icingaweb2 and the director, everything works fine.

Thank you

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oh great to read. Good to hear