Can't check remote URLs

Latest versions (August 24th install), icinga2/web/director, on Centos 7.

This issue is probably to do with nagios plugins, more than icinga, but it works from the command line, and isn’t working from icinga.

One of our third party’s servers is reachable by HTTP. I can enter the URL in Chrome and it resolves.

I was trying hostalive, and that didn’t work. I read that hostalive uses an ICMP protocol, and might not respond. So I tried with http.

This command works from the command line with the correct fields substituted in:

check_http -S -H $http_vhost$ -u $http_url$

But when I make this command in Director, and add these fields, and make a host or service template that imports the command, and make a host or service that imports the template, and I fill in the values in the host or service, (the same as I do for everything else, that’s working), I get:

CRITICAL - Socket timeout

Any idea why?

Did you confirm the fields are working from the Inspect page? You may also want to check the Check Source to confirm it’s being executed from where you expect. Otherwise it may be helpful to include your configs for the Service Template, etc.

Hi icingb
Could you show me how to configure these arguments in the command and how to substitute them from the service?

I am new to Icinga and I need to register many URLs and the only way I can find to make them work is by creating a command for each one, I can’t find how to create the arguments and then replace them according to the values ​​of each URL.