Cannot set admin user during automated install

I am attempting to automate the installation of IcingaWeb2 with Ansible. Working off GitHub - mkayontour/ansible-icingaweb2: Ansible Role to install and manage Icinga Web 2 as a base, I have successfully installed and configured IcingaWeb2 on my system for my purposes with a single exception that I cannot figure out: my admin user has no rights. My admin user is a member of the group Administrators in the backend db. I am able to log in. But I have no access.

If I delete authentication.ini and run the IcingaWeb2 initial setup, there are no changes that I can find to any of the .ini files in icingaweb2 or its subdirectories (other than order of keys, sometimes). But after running setup, I am able to log in. If I then re-run my playbook (replacing all of the ini files that setup created), I retain that access.

There is a line in the setup: Account "admin" has been successfully defined as initial administrator. I feel like this is the key part that I am missing. If anyone can tell me what I need to do in order to do this by hand you would rescue what little hair I have left.

I am on IcingaWeb2 2.9.6 on Debian Bullseye using Nginx to serve traffic and Postgresql 13 as my database.

Looks like the ansible role should manage /etc/icingaweb2/roles.ini, but probably there is some error there.

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That was precisely the issue. I can’t believe I didn’t see that a whole new file was being created by setup. (and that role management is commented out by default in the Ansible role) Thank you!