Cannot reschedule forced host check for non-existent host

Hello Team,

I have a working icinga monitoring system running on RHEL 7. While executing “check now” from icingaweb, I get the below error irrespective if the host is up or down.

information/ExternalCommandListener: Executing external command: [1571913346] SCHEDULE_FORCED_HOST_CHECK;
warning/ExternalCommandListener: External command failed: Error: Cannot reschedule forced host check for non-existent host

Could someone help me understand/troubleshoot this?


Hi. It looks like the host is not existent anymore.

Could you double check with icinga2 object list --type host --name [hostname] on the commandline if Icinga still knows about that host?

And could you tell us the version of your Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 instances?

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Hello. Thank you for getting back.

My setup is as follows:

Active Endpoint: host2
Active Icinga Web 2 Endpoint: host1

icinga2 object list --type host --name [hostname] - This command displays the details on host 2 not on host1. I am assuming I have missed out on the configuration. Could you please let me know?

The version is as below.

Icinga2 version: 2.11.0-1
Icinga web version: 2.7.1


Did you replace [hostname] with the actual name of the host object you want to manage?

If you want to change something via API, your master needs to know about the host. So if you run icinga2 object list... on the master you should see the host object you want to reschedule the check for.

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I managed to setup the icinga master again by running the icinga2 node wizard command. Post this command “icinga2 object list --type host --name [hostname]” executes successfully without any error. Thank you for the help Thomas.


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