Cannot pull values from check_snmp service to GRAPHITE

I just added some services that gives me some values of an UPS using snmp oids; check_snmp.

The problem comes when I try to implement Graphite on those services, the problem goes when specifying what values will Graphite take:

Due to the $check_snmp$ variable the real command looks like this:

Since graphite uses the POINT CHARACTER (.) as separation marker when it reads the last value, it reads a null.

I’ve seen a parameter inside check_snmp value snmp_perf_oids that uses OIDS as labels but I don’t know how to implement it.

Thanks in advance.


I think what you want/need is not using the OID as the perdata label.
Try using the -l / --label parameter of check_snmp, so you replace the OID with a text as perfdata label.

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