Can we create a graph for a special service on icingaweb2?


I want to know if it’s possible to have a graph for one special service. I have a service / command wich count the mail number from my mailbox and i want to see it in a graph, if its supperior to 10 then display in “warning” states (for exemple).
Or just to see 1/1 on a graph when i have less then 10 mails Or 0/1 and warning states if its more. That will be good too.

Maybe its not possible, maybe i have to use Grafana or maybe just a conf file ?

thanks for you help

You can use the icingaweb2-module-grafana to link your services to a specific grafana panel


your check plugin should provide the required metrics, including the value and also the thresholds for warning and critical, inside the performance data output. Both, Graphite and InfluxDB receive such, and you can use them for creating graphs. When using Graphite, the templates inside the web module should be sufficient. For InfluxDB, Grafana is the way to go.


Ok thanks i will try to install grafana module on icinga2.

I tried but it doesn’t work, can you recommend me a good tutorial to install it properly ?

There is a litle bit of documentation on how to install and use it.