Can i set up a satellite form director?

Sadly the director documentation is currently missing a chapter on how to use satellites with it.
According to Distributed Monitoring - Icinga 2 i’d needa zone for the satellite.
Now when using director, i automatically get a zone for every agent, so trying to add it manually i’d just create a invalid config. agent_zones aren’t available to select on hosts so i’m a but confused.
Do i need to set up satellites manually?
Can i do it from director (would really prefer that) and basically upgrade an agent to a satellite? Seems that should be easy to do but i can’t figure out how …

Satellites can only be added via zones.conf. There is no chance to do it with the director.

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thx. finally figured it out.
i think that functionality could be added to director with very little changes though :slight_smile:
maybe i’ll find time for a pull request …