Can I monitor CPU Ready metric?


I’m looking for a way to monitor the CPU Ready metric in icinga for my VMs. Is that possible?

maybe, you can monitor everything in icinga, even the weather, as long as there is a check for that. these checks can be found online or you write them yourself.

Here is a example that might be appropriate for your request:

		"--subselect" = {
			#set_if = ( ( "$vmware_subselect$" == "ready" ) || ( "$vmware_subselect$ == "wait" ) || ( "$vmware_subselect$" == "usage" ) )
			# why explicitly check for values as I cannot raise an error/warning?
			#set_if = "$vmware_subselect$"
			value = "$vmware_subselect$"
			# NOTE : the docs talk about VMs where as the code is about the host. Wrong docs supplied with the plugin?
			description = "(Optional). Subselection: ready, wait, usage"
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