Can I install the director on a vm by itself and a master server on another vm?

I would like to have the director installed on one virutal machine, and the satellite and agent on separate virtual machines. Is it possible to install the director on its own virtual machines and still be able to communicate with the master and satellite servers? Is there any special configuration that I would need to do to make this work?

Thank you for your time.

just to avoid miscommunication: You have a master instance of Icinga2 which is on the top of the hierarchy. This instance can be configured by the director (which is “only” the name for web-based configuration tool). Where the director (and the corresponding IcingaWeb2) is running is not determined by the master , but they must be able to communicate via the API of Icinga2 and, in most scenarios, must also be able to access the same database.

As for the satellites (which are Icinga2 instances), they must be able to the reach the http-API of the master, the agents must be able to reach the http-API of the satellites (or the master depending on which zone they are in).

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Thank you for your reply. To follow up, does icinga_web have to be installed on the master server, and that vm has a connection to the IDO? Currently i have the icinga web instance and director vm (called icinga-director) installed on one instance, and the icinga-master has only icinga2 running (no icinga-web). Our satellite and agents are set up as you have described.

That setup would be fine. You have to give IcingaWeb2 (respectively the directory) to the Database, but that can be done over network.