Broken overdue calculation


in my IcingaDB staging installation the overdue calculation seems to become broken since a few days.

Hostalive checks are carried out like expected (last check 46s ago).

Sate history shows that the host state has changed before overdue is miscalculated.


I’m not sure which details would help to further isolate the issue.

Icinga Version: 2.12.0-1
Icinga Web2: 2.8.2
Icinga DB: 1.0.0-rc1
Icinga DB Web: 1.0.0-rc1 and master

I understand IcingaDB is still in release candidate phase and I was able to find 2 commits in master branch mentioning already fixed overdue related issues:

Can anyone with more insight confirm if I’m facing an already fixed issue or a new one?


this is a known problem:

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Thanks, how did I miss that one.

Is it already known why this happens or can I provide anything which helps resolving the issue in a feature release?

The reason is known. It’s described in the issue. This will most certainly be fixed with the first stable release.