Blank Page on "Modify Service"

Modifying hosts seems to work, but for all services I only get a blank page when I click on “Modify”.


Version Infos
Icinga Director 1.8.1
Icinga Web 2 Version 2.9.4
PHP Version 7.4.3
icinga/icinga-php-library 0.7.0
icinga/icinga-php-thirdparty 0.10.0

Icinga-Servers run on Ubuntu 18.04, Icingaweb on 20.04.
Probably the problem exists since the last update i have installed on 2021-11-10:

php-icinga:amd64 (2.9.3-1.bionic, 2.9.4-1.bionic)
icingaweb2-module-monitoring:amd64 (2.9.3-1.bionic, 2.9.4-1.bionic)
icingacli:amd64 (2.9.3-1.bionic, 2.9.4-1.bionic)
icingaweb2-common:amd64 (2.9.3-1.bionic, 2.9.4-1.bionic)
icingaweb2-module-doc:amd64 (2.9.3-1.bionic, 2.9.4-1.bionic)
icinga-php-library:amd64 (0.6.1-1.bionic, 0.7.0-1.bionic)
icingaweb2:amd64 (2.9.3-1.bionic, 2.9.4-1.bionic)

Any tips on how to i can find the cause of that error?

Ok, there are errors in the browser console. Maybe its related to 2427

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Looking at that, they linked a PR to that issue shortly after your last update.

I’m using a dated version of Icingaweb2 (2.7.3), but I’m not able to recreate the issue.

On a customer environment running 2.9.0 I’m not able to recreate the issue either.

Care to share the errors you see just in case?