Best/simplest way to remotely monitor the Icinga2 service itself

I’ve got a server with Icinga2 installed, monitoring a small group of servers, all working well. The one piece that’s missing is some kind of remote monitoring of the monitoring server itself.

I’m curious how others handle this. I can think of three options, each with upsides/downsides:

  1. Another full Icinga2 installation on a remote server, with a single service check for the Icinga2 process on the main monitoring server
  2. A simple implementation of a third-party service like NewRelic
  3. A small, custom-written service (Python?) on a remote server, that leverages the NRPE plugin to check the Icinga2 process on the main monitoring server.

Or is there some other, better approach that I’ve completely missed?

I decided on solution #3 from above – knocked it out in a day, and I’m quite pleased with the result, so decided to release open source:

Hope others find some benefit from it.