Best practices for monitoring Terminal Server (Windows Server 2012R2 / RDS)

Hello Community,

i hope for some help / ideas in front of my two new Remote Desktop Session Hosts.

I have installed two Windows Server 2012R2 Instances with Remote Desktop Services. 40 users are using the Servers for Remote working.

Have you some ideas, how to monitor Servers like These best way?

I am thankful for any tips.

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I believe there are two ways to do this.
Either through the Icinga agent or through WMI.
Which is best depends also on your current setup.

If anyone else has another solution please write it.

Since we are using the WMI solution, I can say that it is working pretty good.

apply Service "RDP Sessions" {
  import "wmi-service"
  vars.check_mode = "checkts"
  vars.wmi_submode = "sessions"
  vars.wmi_warn = "ActiveSessions=0 -w TotalSessions=1"  
  vars.wmi_crit = "ActiveSessions=1 -c TotalSessions=2"
  assign where host.vars.os == "Windows"
  ignore where host.vars.disable_wmi

Let me know if you want more details.

And welcome to the community!

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Doing it exactly the same way


We followed the following link for WMI and it worked like a charm!


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